Very well.
Vice versa.


Watch out!
Watch your mouth!
Way to go!
We broke up.
We got off on the wrong foot.
Well done!
Well said!
We’ll see.
What a pain!
What a relief!
What a waste!
What about it?
What are friends for?
What are you getting at?
What are you talking about?
What brought this on?
What do you feel like eating?
What do you know?
What do you say to that?
What for?
What gives?
What goes around comes around.
What nerve!
What rotten luck!
What’s done cannot be undone.
What’s eating you?
What’s for dinner?
What’s gotten into you?
What’s in it for me?
What’s it all about?
What’s it to you?
What’s new?
What’s that supposed to mean?
What’s the catch?
What’s the deal?
What’s the occasion?
What’s the point?
What’s wrong?
What’s your beef?
What’s your sign?
When will it be ready?
Where was I?
Where’s the fire?
Who am I kidding?
Who cares?
Why not?
Why the long face?
Will this do?
With all due respect,
Would you do me a favor?
Would you like a sip?