Damn it!
Dig in!
Do I make myself clear?
Do the math.
Do you have change?
Do you have the time?
Do you mind if I join you?
Do you mind?
Does it ring a bell?
Don’t be a stranger.
Don’t be ridiculous.
Don’t be so hard on me.
Don’t beat around the bush.
Don’t beat yourself up.
Don’t blame me.
Don’t bother.
Don’t count on it.
Don’t count your chickens before they are hatched.
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.
Don’t freak out.
Don’t get a big head.
Don’t get me wrong.
Don’t give me that.
Don’t go there.
Don’t hold back.
Don’t I know it!
Don’t jump the gun.
Don’t let it get you down.
Don’t lose your cool.
Don’t play dumb.
Don’t point your finger at me!
Don’t push your luck.
Don’t put words into my mouth.
Don’t rock the boat.
Don’t sell yourself short.
Don’t sweat it.
Don’t take it for granted.
Don’t tell a soul.
Don’t waste your breath.
Don’t you dare!
Dream on.
Drop dead!
Drop it!


Easier said than done.
End of story.
Every little bit counts.


Fair enough.
Fat chance.
Fill in the blanks.
Fill me in.
First come, first served.
First things first.
Flattery will get you nowhere.
For God’s sake.
For sure.
Forget it.
From your lips to God’s ears.